The beat day (Christopher Street Day)

I woke up with loads of bing bang bong that morning. Gosh it was loud around.  I could hear the techno sound waking me up on a Saturday.

I actually wanted to sleep out this very Saturday.  I was angry. Opened the window and listened.  The noise can only be coming from Kudamm that is just around the corner where I live.  The music was coming from far, back again loud enough to hear. More importantly; that was loud enough to get me awake on a holly Saturday. Where SLEEP was the mission of the day really.

I looked at my mobile with half open eyes, “oh my God!” was the only thing that I could murmur.  At least 10 unanswered calls from a journalist friend who had called.

What was happening?

I did not care, first had to get awake myself. Made myself a cup of coffee.  Did my sit ups as usual.  And listened to Kim Wilde that morning, just like I had dreamed of it. “you keep me hanging on”… in fact nothing was “keeping me hanging on” but “ waking me up”. The sound from Kudamm was getting even stronger.

The phone rang again.   Yea yea yea!   I was there. “ hello??!”

“Hi there Eveline?!” – “Yes, Margit.   What’s up?” I saw you had called “a few” times. Hun, you gotta call me at least 20 times on a Saturday morning to get me really awake. – Just for your information. “ me grinning with a cup of coffee in my hand…

“Eveline, stop messing up with me schunukie” …  She cleared throat.

“Can you lend me those bras that you bought from the USA?”

“Oh, are we going to have a party tonight? – I will play the catwoman… who are you going to be?” – miav –

“Just wait, I will be at your place in a heat beat. You will see what I have in mind. Are you deaf? Don’t you hear the beat out there?” she hung up.

When I opened the door I could not believe my eyes. The lady who had designed my company logo, who wrote a bunch of good press releases for me, was gone!

There was a blond chick in front of me, with long blond hair – looking like a Barbie girl. – Wearing a t-shirt totally transparent – leather shorts, nets stockings, f….. sexy.

“I have not ordered you. We are closed for today.” Was the first thing I got out of my mouth as a joke in shock, not believing my eyes…

“Shut up and get dressed” she rushed into my apartment and started digging the underwear drawer.

“What the heck you think you are doing for Fuck’s sake?” I asked. Taking a look at her sexy top and the leather skirt she was wearing …“There is the party out there and all these years I have been writing about it. I admired the folk all the way so far, now I wanna be the part of it honey bunny, and you are coming with!”

I told her I was an ordinary American who is totally conservative, and that I would not make a good pic there with her, and all that jazz. But Margit, my good friend was not seem be interested in what I was really saying.

“Get FUCKING dressed now!- this is an order! “ she knew I was from the US army hospital once.

After an hour we were ready. I had a Jamaican look wig and sexy pants.

There we were: at Kudamm-  watching all the folk, living and loving and dancing.

We got lost in the crowd, we were one with them. I lived in her dream, I was in her dream living and watching the dream around me.

In the evening we had a great meal at an Italian restaurant around the corner.

I just remember what she told me with lightening, glowing and blowing eyes, being proud of what she did to herself and to me:

“You know Eveline, I am so proud to live in a city as Berlin. Seeing that people can live the choices that they make. We are free & liberal here. We love, hate and dance and even be someone else for a few hours.”

On the way home, I was just as proud as her being in this city and country.  Enjoying my walk alone back home and thought that in some countries on this planet women did not even had the right to take a taxi alone.

Yeap, I said to my self. You are damn right Margit.

Next day, I read her article online and relived the entire experience second to second.

Margit Kruft died of cancer in 2008.

She is the logo designer of my little company and the friend I will never ever forget.

As long as I live, as well as my company the logo will never ever change.


Cheers Margit. This story is for you.



Text: Eveline Goodman.

„Eveline Goodman ist Geschäftsführerin von EforP – English for Professionals, einem Sprachinstitut, das sich auf maßgeschneiderte Trainings – auf „Integrated Trainings“ sowie auf Sprachtrainings – für Unternehmer und deren Mitarbeiter spezialisiert hat.

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