Ladies and cars

It is a men’s world. Especially around the cars anything that has horse power is attractive. And we ladies are going with that flow too; I see it in me more and more. I love cars.

But unlike the gents I like driving them as most of the ladies, and love to clean it. ( my hidden passion) *wink*

Laughing my head off when I think that my first car used to get Christmas presents or Easter gifts… how? I tanked V power in those special days, so that the engine can enjoy.

I know it is mad, but I did that.   And my first car was a BMW 3.18 CI convertible.   That I bought with my own power.   I was so proud of it.

We even had a picture in a photo gallery where a photographer friend of mine presented her theme: – people and their cars –   cars & the first love.

Yea, the navigation spoke English of course and the car was called “John”.   I told him to take me home when I was lost. I had my breakfast and lunch in there.  I had madness and laughter in there.   John the car was my second home.   You know that feeling don’t you? Your car becomes your second residence.

But I was not very friendly to John- I hurt him. *awww*

We had 6 crashes altogether. Until we really got to know each other.   Then finally I learned how to handle him and he probably got to know me better too. *wink*   He deserved V power for Xmas…

Once John’s right wing (door) got frozen in the cold and deep winter.   I took it to the service they got him right.

I picked him up from the service, came home and just two hours later I was disturbed by an alarm in the street. Looked out the window.   It could not be John.

Went back to living.

3 hours later: the alarm of that car had not stopped. I looked downstairs once more and murmuring annoyed “some idiot did not lock his car”.

It was almost midnight and the noise downstairs still had not stooped.

I looked downstairs and saw the police car… had a closer look now: oh my gosh, bloody goddamn hell!, this was John!

What was wrong with my John again??

I went downstairs with my orange dressing gown and slippers in minus 17 degrees.

Police went like: “Is this “thing” yours? “ – Like is this loud, defect-alarmed damn car?? ( God has given me that gift of reading between the lines kind of thing)

Me blushing all over the place saying quietly “yes”.

John is yelling : BAM BAM BAM …

They told me to take the car away as the neighbors complained.

I was about the say, I was going to call the police too.  But spared that command for that moment and took John away to a garage over night and called BMW and they told me what to do to turn the alarm off over the night. Otherwise he would be stamped as “UNWANTED” in that garage too.

Next day I went to BMW and after an hour of check up they told me John’s lock is defect.

My instincts told me the way around and I told them what I believed, namely:

“I don’t think the lock is defect, when you repaired the door yesterday you forgot or simply left one of the screws too loose and the alarm went off the whole night.

I would like you to give John, ehm .. my car to me as it is, I will show it to another BMW dealer and if they tell me the same you can get your OK to repair and you can charge me, but not before. “

The service employee who told me their side of the story, did not say much but this: “I will talk to my boss and get back to you”.

Meanwhile a man sitting next to me and listening to our conversation looked at me as if I was an alien and went like: “well, respect, I am a man, but I can’t negotiate like this”

The service employee came around and told me they would repair the lock without any charges.

It is a men’s world within the world of horse power. But ladies, hey, we have our instincts and a mouth to talk.

So just go for it and follow your instincts. You will be just fine.

and say what? : it is damn working! all the time. – wink!


Text: Eveline Goodman.

„Eveline Goodman ist Geschäftsführerin von EforP – English for Professionals, einem Sprachinstitut, das sich auf maßgeschneiderte Trainings – auf „Integrated Trainings“ sowie auf Sprachtrainings – für Unternehmer und deren Mitarbeiter spezialisiert hat.

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