It is madness that we simply do not know what we have in hand. This gene we all have.

“Never satisfied” gene.

We would like to be better, cooler, slimmer, and smarter and all that jazz.

And while having that gene we simply overlook the beauty that we have.  And this is according to my personal experience stronger here in our country: Germany.

“Never satisfied” gene of Germans is a monster. Eats up a lot of good things, overlooks any detail that is good, but primarily concentrates or simply focuses what is actually “not working or good.”

The monster does not allow rethinking – what can be improved- but radically burns anything that is positive all the way down. – Sad-

It is September, schools have just begun. There is a high-school just around the corner to the place where I live. I see young people buy their croissant at the same bakery just at the corner and watch them and simply enjoy their freedom. They have no idea how I envy them.

They –almost – all look as if they have just jumped out of Vogue magazine’s cover.

Long nails, short leather skirts, hair up with at least 5 kilos of spray and gel in it, wearing bags that challenges the fashion today and all that…

I wow them. I envy them to my bones.

In my youth – that is not so far away / long ago-, there was nothing we could do but wear those boring school uniforms.

We would look like tomatoes – one of my uniforms had a red jacket, black skirts and red tie- at the end of the school day the school garden would look like a tomato field.

Yuck! There is no power on the planet that can make me drink tomato juice, even not at the airplane. I would die, but refuse to drink tomato juice! – *laugh*

However, I recently made an exception and had a bloody marry with an old friend of mine at a bar- as I thought bloody marry contents strawberry. (sorry, I am not much of a cocktail drinker)   Gosh that was actually a mad experience- remembering my school days, pored more and more Tabasco into the bloody marry, to simply forget what I was drinking.  Gosh, it was yuck!

Anyways, at the school where I went to there were many things we were not allowed to do. No long nails, no high-heels, no rings and no necklaces, nothing that can catch eye. We would all look almost identical. Like bio-tomatoes really. *laugh*

Every now and then without any notification, we would get checked by the teachers for long or painted nails and “not allowed” kind of stuff. If you were caught wearing a holiday memento such as a leather arm-band with peace sign on it or a simple earring with a smiley ( this was the kind of things I got caught with ) they would be collected and given back to us at the end of the semester.

Long nails or painted nails would be punished with toture; the teacher would hit on our finger tips that would hurt so much that even today I simply wear colorful finger nails very very seldom. Remembering the times I had at school.

The imagination…  Someone would come around and hit me in the fingernails… Believe me, that pain will come with me to death. – No doubt-

Then again, here in Germany, seeing these photo models every single day at the bus stations and in the streets make me smile today.

I envy them as said. And think they simply do not know what they have!

We grew up with the dream being like Germany; no uniform!

Every single year right at the beginning of the semester there were rumors: “next year, like in Germany, there will be no school uniform anymore!” Yippeee! Was a great & nice dream- that never came true.

I finished school with uniforms so did my brother.   And my nieces… and probably their kids and their nieces will graduate with uniforms- believing and dreaming about the rumor that comes along every beginning of a semester- just like we did.  – I bet though!

Although it is not as strict as it was once today, believe me dear high school students, you live in the dream of many high school students around the world.

Just know and live it!  Uniforms suck!



Text: Eveline Goodman.

„Eveline Goodman ist Geschäftsführerin von EforP – English for Professionals, einem Sprachinstitut, das sich auf maßgeschneiderte Trainings – auf „Integrated Trainings“ sowie auf Sprachtrainings – für Unternehmer und deren Mitarbeiter spezialisiert hat.

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