Ente – the DUCK story

One meets them everywhere… on the golf course, on the street, at the café around the corner, at the supermarket, on your plate. Actually the ducks are everywhere.  According to the author that I got to know we are all ducks at times, when we are angry. When we don’t have to motivation to do the things we are to do. We just don’t “do” but “quack”.

He even had one of those “duck-quack- barometers” he took to his shows; one could take a look what kind of mood one is before continuing living. Amusing.

I got to know that author just around the corner to the place where I live. My brother and I had dinner in a restaurant and he was just sitting next to me, the lady who he was with opposite of him, so I could take a look at her but not to him.

I could hear their talk very well, as I was just sitting right next to him, he was almost on my lap.

The lady opposite him was giving him a jump, they were talking about another woman at the same time. I just told my brother how lucky he is, not understanding any German.

Unfortunately I had to listen to the crap that is being talked next to us.

Finally our meal ended, the restaurant was packed. “waiter-barometer” was very low. And as I don’t have any trained “waiting gene” I told my brother to pay and come out as I was willing to smoke a ciggie, just be away from the crap that is being talked next us, the packed restaurant, slow waiters, balloon breasted blondes…

Just lit my ciggi and taking a break from the “I will jump on your bones hun” kinda conversation. The two next to us came out (!) and lit a cigarette as well.   “gosh” I thought.

It is the English education that I had, you just say something when you stand in the elevator, or smoke a ciggy out. So asked if they were from Berlin – like I cared.

I first time had a “close” look at the guy who almost sat on my lap back in the restaurant.  He had this remarkable big green / cat eyes… this was all I remarked about him though.

Thank god my brother finally came out so, I gave a card to both of them – and left.

Towards the end of the year I got an email from this guy, asking for a meeting after New Years Eve.

I took a look at his email signature, he was the author for books that suppose to make your life “easy”.

At that time I did not know anything about the “Easy” concept. At the end of this story you will know what the “Easy” concept is like without me commenting about it.

We met.   At the Schoko café that is his office. He meets every one there and I simply ask myself why I went there at the first place…

But this guy knew what he is doing really.   He knew he has got these big, green impressive eyes and a big literature of words that he wrote into his books to manipulate people.

And sadly I fell into it.   I simply dived into it.

I got him a member through me in one of the leading business clubs in town, kissed a few asses to get him on the stage for a first time show, got him to the golf course, to the balls I went to and all that. It is normal I thought – what an in-love-woman does…

And the men like the “Easy” use it really cold bloodedly.

When doing all these, something my deep inside told me all the time: he is a Casanova…

He went to the bathroom and restroom with his Iphone.

It was turned around all the time and on mute… my instincts were telling me there is something on going and on the other hand I was simply telling myself: “C’mon Eveline, give yourself a chance to be happy finally, you are being a paranoid.”

It does not matter how good a woman looks and I don’t think I look terrible, and how successful we are and all that we do have our hidden complexes somewhere down there.   And bizarrely, female are the enemy when it comes to men.

Isn’t that mad?

I took care in my little world for years, not to show up with so many men in my life as in the end with what I do – with my company- a “cheap” image is easy to win.

To keep it tight and straight is not.

But this big green cat eyed man and the whole wide world knew who he was and I simply ignored my own business at times to do acquisition for his “ducks”.

At the same time knowing, no not really knowing but “feeling” that something is just not right with this guy.

The week before he wanted a break with me I actually had taken his stuff and went to his place. The plan was to put it at his door and leave for Hamburg for the seminar I was to give there.   I took all his things, went upstairs, left them at his door and went upstairs again and took the stuff back.   I said to myself I was being a child.   This could have been done like an adult.   Hit the road and went to HH with all his clothing and belongings in my car.

I pretended like all is fine and gave MYSELF another chance to be happy.

In the end we were both eagles and that feeling inside is a temporary thing I was not being cheated or betrayed, there was not anyone else,   and he is an adult man, he should be telling me if there was something on going.

One week later, I was confronted with the potato soup and couple of drinks invoice that HE had in the business club where he became member – free of any charge- through me.   (As the club got the order from me to send his invoices to him and mine to my address.)

And he told me he could not keep up with me and it was all too much for him. He even blamed me for the presents that I bought for him and that I have not asked if he liked and all that.

From “eagles” you await to be open.  From eagles you await to be straight forward – as he lectures all over the place.

The feeling that I had was telling me for weeks that I have something to do with a real DUCK here. A quirky DUCK, but I simply did not want to believe it.

There I was face to face with the reality PURE.

I listened to all what he had to say “quack, you did not ask me for those presents, Quack, I cant keep up with your life style, Quack, I need a break, Quack, Quack. “. I left.

Next day I hit the road for a round of golf… away from the ducks & eagles…

After having played the hole 3, I gave him a call and told him to bring my belongings to my office and get his.

Just 3 days after he left my belongings to the office I had the time to transport them home and just simply put them into the washing machine.

You cant wash the memories at 60 degrees, can you?

When taking the wash out, I could not believe my eyes: there it was: a piece of lingerie that did not belong to me.


Text: Eveline Goodman.

„Eveline Goodman ist Geschäftsführerin von EforP – English for Professionals, einem Sprachinstitut, das sich auf maßgeschneiderte Trainings – auf „Integrated Trainings“ sowie auf Sprachtrainings – für Unternehmer und deren Mitarbeiter spezialisiert hat.

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