Black English?

Eveline Goodman_Dear all, as you know we went through „Other Englishes“ in our last little article. Today I would like to mention Black English, that we all know from the songs we listen to – especially rap songs-.

Black English is the term used to refer to the English which originated in the Caribbean islands and is now also spoken in many parts of the UK, Canada and the USA. Listed below are some words which are characteristic of Black English but are also now used in other varieties of English. Many are particularly associated with the music world.

Dreadlocks: Rastafarian hairstyle

chick: girl      dig: understand

pad: bed        rap: street-talk

     square: dull   jam: improvise

beat: exhausted

English is the international language all over the world, however how and what English we speak or write is important. We simply have to stick to one style, rather than mixing the US and British English for instance. There are a number of commercial approaches how we set up letters, or end our letters or emails. I will be giving a number of valuable information about these points in the next article.

So stay tuned. I wish you a great start to spring. We have all missed the sun. Enjoy!

Text: Eveline Goodman.

„Eveline Goodman ist Geschäftsführerin von EforP – English for Professionals, einem Sprachinstitut, das sich auf maßgeschneiderte Trainings – auf „Integrated Trainings“ sowie auf Sprachtrainings – für Unternehmer und deren Mitarbeiter spezialisiert hat.

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