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Eveline Goodman_ We have to wait a few more weeks to feel the sun on our face and just be happy about spring. According to the calendar- we are in spring, however it does not feel like it at all.

Just last week, I was awake with bird singing and was happy like a little child who has just opened a present. However, hey, chin up! We have only a few days ahead of us and then the weather will be fine. As mentioned in my last column, this time I would like to introduce how we address someone when we write a letter to the UK or the USA. There are differences though, please be careful. What you should definitely avoid is to mix up US and GB English.

Have a look at the table below and see how the addressing differs:

Start & Finish

We never use double titles in English. If someone has a PhD., you are to address this person with “Dr.” title, rather than : “ Dear Mr. Dr. Smith, “.

If you need questions to general business English rules and practice, just do a free of charge LCT – Level Check test on our web site – this link takes you directly to the tests: http://lct.eforp-group.com/

If you feel like practicing your speaking, we have again a new course every Tuesday, from 18.00 – 19.00 in our Berlin office. Just pop in! have a look at our web site: www.eforp.com

I wish you a pleasant and warm two weeks ahead, so that we can all finally enjoy spring.

Until then…!


Text: Eveline Goodman.

„Eveline Goodman ist Geschäftsführerin von EforP – English for Professionals, einem Sprachinstitut, das sich auf maßgeschneiderte Trainings – auf „Integrated Trainings“ sowie auf Sprachtrainings – für Unternehmer und deren Mitarbeiter spezialisiert hat.

Should you have any questions until then, just contact us:


Online test for medical professionals: http://lct.eforp-group.com/lct-gw.php

Or simply call us to get an appointment in person or per skype: 030 351 33 792.

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