Suggestions – part II-

Eveline Goodman_A lot of public holidays this month! Good for all of us. As we began with SUGGESTIONS last time, I just simply wanted to take it to end. There are indeed a few more points to be mentioned about this topic:

4) “Have you thought about talking to the others in the department about it?”

Instead of implying that the other person has done something wrong, you are wrapping your suggestion into a neutral question. The listener is free to take the advice, or to treat it as an information-gathering exercise. This phrasing is appropriate when you do not know the other person well, or when you wish to be careful.

5) “How about coming by later so I can help you with the accounts?”

“How about…. “ questions are usually friendlier than the “can I… “ or “ would you like me to..”

With this phrase you are expressing the honesty that you really are willing to help.

6) – “ You might think about finishing the other project first before starting a new one”

– “ You might try taking the figures for the whole year and dividing by 12.”

– “ You may want to give Richard in Marketing a call about those figures.”

This is probably the most popular type of suggestion in business contexts. While it may imply that the speaker is in a position of knowing better than the listener, the phrasing is so indirect that it is suitable for most situations. It should probably not be used, however, with someone who is in a higher position than you.

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Text: Eveline Goodman.

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