GEveline Goodman_oodness, we deserved this time of the year haven’t me everyone?  This week I would like to talk about SUGGESTIONS. The magic about them though.

1) „You should talk to your boss.“

This is a very direct suggestion, almost a command.

While it is not impolite in itself, it is often inappropriate in business situations. Be careful to use this only with business partners and colleagues you know on a more friendly, intimate level. Others may consider such phrasing rude and inappropriate.

2) “ Maybe you should take a short break and come back to it later”

This is far more common in business situations. The softener “Maybe” signals that the speaker does not consider himself or herself in a position to give direct advice or orders.

Still, this phrasing can be seen as inappropriate, especially when you don’t know the other person well, or when the listener is in a higher position than you.

3) “Maybe we should have a meeting so all these issues can be discussed.”

This is an appropriate phrasing for many business contexts, even when talking to someone of a higher rank. Notice that here, the phrasing “maybe we should” is far less direct and “confrontational” than “maybe you should”.


Text: Eveline Goodman.

E. Goodman Portrait„Eveline Goodman ist Geschäftsführerin von EforP – English for Professionals, einem Sprachinstitut, das sich auf maßgeschneiderte Trainings – auf „Integrated Trainings“ sowie auf Sprachtrainings – für Unternehmer und deren Mitarbeiter spezialisiert hat. Should you have any questions until then, just contact us: www.eforp.com Online test for medical professionals: http://lct.eforp-group.com/lct-gw.php Or simply call us to get an appointment in person or per skype: 030 351 33 792.


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